Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I choose a broker rather than looking for a trucking company directly?
Every trucking company excels in different lanes, some for full loads and some for LTL. We make the right connection between the customers’ and the carriers’. By using CJC Transport, clients get to releive themselves of personnel and administrative hassles, standardizing delivery costs, and increasing efficiency.
How could CJC Transport offer better prices than other trucking companies?
When you ask for a rate quote, you put a staff member to work on calling several carriers to get the most competitive rate with the fastest reliable service. It’s only one phone call or email, and we do the shopping around for you!
Does CJC Transport have its own trucks, trailers, or other transportation vehicles?
We are truly a “non-asset” based company and therefore do not just try to sell you our own services. We work hard to provide our clients with the most cost efficient and time sensitive solution by using a network of hundreds of carriers throughout the country to meet each specific shipping need.
What types of deliveries can you do?
CJC Transport can provide ground transportation via any size or type of truck - Flat Beds, LTL, Volume Priced LTL, White Glove, Climate Controlled, Hazardous and, of course, Full Truckloads. We can coordinate air/ocean freight delivery and pick-up services. Our company can handle most types of parcels, parts, components and shipments. These services may be provided on a one-time or ongoing basis. We will compare all the available options and choose the one that is most efficient and effective for your needs. CLICK HERE to learn about the different methods of transportation.
What are your service areas?
CJC Transport will provide resources, knowledge and pricing for any domestic or international freight.
How much weight can you put on a truck?
Each tractor/trailer combination is unique. In order to be within DOT regulations, weights cannot exceed 12,000 lbs on the steering axle, 34,000 lbs on the tractor tandem axles, 34,000 lbs. on the trailer tandem axles, and 80,000 lbs. total gross weight. It is entirely possible for a truck to have much less than 80,000 total gross weight but be overweight on an axle. It is best for the shipper to communicate with us about the type of cargo and exact weights so that we can make sure to legally load the trailer.
How do I find out how much it will cost to ship my freight?
CLICK HERE to request a rate quote. One of our account managers will get back with you shortly.
How can I track my shipment when it is in transit?
CJC Transport will call you with updates on pickup and delivery times. You can also ask your CJC Transport account representative about using MacroPoint to get real time visibility of the location of your freight along the way.
What should I do if my shipment arrives with damage?
The consignee should always inspect the product for damage prior so signing the Bill of Lading. If there is damaged product, make sure to indicate the damage on the BOL before signing, take photos of the damage if possible, and call your CJC Transport account representative immediately to initiate a damage claim.


Why CJC Transport?
CJC Transport is the professional and reliable source you can count on. We are available seven days a week to ensure your shipping experience is simple and convenient. Our commitment is to deliver with reliable transportation and competitive rates. Our technology and centralized services provide you with hands-off service and consistent communication.
How do I place an order?
You can call us at 314-865-2600, option 5 to speak with our Auto Transportation Team, or CLICK HERE to fill out a rate quote request online.
What payment options do I have?
All major credit cards are accepted at the time of scheduling your vehicle transport. Dealers and corporations may qualify for 30 day pay. Ask your account manager for more info.
How many days prior to my vehicle being ready do I need to place the order?
It is helpful to have at least 4-5 days’ notice prior to your vehicle being ready for pick up. If you have a special situation, CLICK HERE to contact a member of our Auto Transportation team with the details.
How long will it take to ship my vehicle?
Our goal is to get the vehicle(s) picked up and delivered as quickly as possible. However, it is difficult to guarantee specific dates due to weather, traffic, and other unforeseen factors. We can guarantee that we will do our very best to accommodate your requested dates. Your pick-up and delivery locations will also play a role in determining the transport time.
How long does it take to have my car
picked up?
Our goal is to have your vehicle(s) picked up within 1-4 days of placing the order. If there are any changes to the pick-up time frame, our team will stay in contact to ensure the transportation process runs smoothly.
How much does it cost to ship my car?
There are several factors that determine the market rate for transportation costs, therefore, it’s best to work with a CJC Transport account representative to guarantee the best price for your specific need.
Why does a larger vehicle cost more to ship?
Larger vehicles take up much more space on a transport truck than traditional passenger vehicles. Because of their dimensions, these vehicles take up the amount of space normally used for two vehicles, thus resulting in the need for an incremental increase in the fee. Full-size trucks and vans along with various other vehicles fit into this category. Vehicles with oversized characteristics and commercial vehicles may also have an additional fee imposed depending on the level they are oversized.
How does CJC Transport screen their carrier network?
All of our drivers are required to have $1,000,000 in auto liability insurance, cargo insurance, and a 95% or higher customer satisfaction rating. Our knowledge in the various modes of auto transportation helps to ensure that your vehicle(s) are being transported using the appropriate equipment for your situation.
May I pack my belongings in my car?
We recommend against this as the Federal and State Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations prohibit the transport of household items in vehicles being transported by auto carriers. These items are not covered by carrier's insurance. Any damage to your vehicle due to household goods shifting or breaking is also not covered. Personal belongings left in the vehicle are shipped strictly at the owner's risk. Carriers will not inventory any belongings left in the vehicle and will assume no responsibility. Items packed in the vehicle will also add weight that may cause damage to the vehicle. Under NO circumstances can the car contain firearms, hazardous materials, illegal substances, or contraband.
Will you ship my car if it is inoperable?
Yes! However, because special equipment is needed to move the vehicle, an additional fee may apply.
What type of paperwork do I need to ship my vehicle? (Insurance, title, registration, etc.)
No additional paperwork is needed to ship your vehicle.
Is my vehicle insured during transit?
Absolutely! Your vehicle is fully insured during transit by general carrier liability insurance. All of our qualified carriers are fully insured carrying $1,000,000 of liability insurance in addition to cargo insurance. Acts of God (hail, floods, etc.), along with road debris that can cause minor damage to windshields, paint and undercarriages are not covered. Oil drips onto convertible tops are not covered by the carrier's insurance. You may request your vehicle be transported via enclosed trailer during the order process.
What should I do if my vehicle arrives with damage?
During the drop off inspection process, notate all new damage on the pick-up bill of lading provided by the carrier. Call your CJC Transport account representative to initiate a damage claim.

What People Are Saying

I have used CJC for 2 years and find Rene to be a thorough professional. She pays attention to detail and has the follow-through that is essential in our industry. I refer my customers to CJC and have not been disappointed.

— Ralph B.  /  Corporate Fleet Director - Currie Motors Ford/Chevrolet

CJC takes care of our difficult church and convention deliveries.  CJC Transport can take care of all of our needs. I have been using them for 7 years and they make my shipping smooth and easy!

— Larry C.  /  Logistics Coordinator - United Pentecostal Church International

Rene is prompt, offers competitive rates and provides regular updates. She handles orders from start to finish.

Over 40 years we have worked with dozens of transport companies and CJC is by far the best!

— Gary B.  /  General Sales Manager - Orlando Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram

I have been using CJC Transport as my freight broker exclusively for a couple of years. I never have to worry about my freight getting scheduled. They are the BEST!

— Katy K.   /  Sales Administrator - Lockwood Flooring

CJC Transport has delivered over 3,000 loads for me. I ship a lot of last minute shipments and use both full truckload and LTL. Things can get very hairy at times, and I always know that CJC works hard on my behalf!

— Tim King  /  Traffic Manager - Legacy Packaging